Amazing DEUS find by Phil from Scotland!

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Phil from Scotland


"Using my DEUS on a Toddys' Dig in Scotland ,on a field full of iron and aluminium cans, I got a good signal. At first I got the iron tone three ways but there was a nice signal amongst it, The DEUS just pulled the signal from the iron and I dug up a stunning James 1st Demy (1406-1437) Gold hammered coin, in absolute mint condition.

Now about twenty detectorist with other machines had already been over this area and i was told it was full of scrap, My DEUS proved them all wrong. The following week Toddys' Digs returned to the same farm, as I stepped on to the field I headed for the same area that previously about fifty detectorists had been on (because of my gold coin), my first signal and out popped a lovely 1602 Elizabeth 1st shilling.

I've been using my DEUS since 2018 and found it to be a huge difference from my previous detector, with my DEUS i've found a Roman Hoard that is now in a museum ,I also returned to my Roman hoard field with a friend and found a 50/50 target and asked my friend to run his machine over it , he said "No, its iron", i thought to myself its worth a dig, and out popped another denarius, my friend was stunned, Lots of great finds and for me My DEUS beats them all, I use Garry Blackwells' Ultimate program and I’ve told others with the DEUS to try it ,and they have all found really exciting coins and artifacts.

Anyway Thank You XP and Thank You Gary for the Ultimate program, I'm so looking forward to the DEUS II now, because what else can I find. To say I love my DEUS is an understatement."


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