Gary Cook using the DEUS II with the Deep Program

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Gary Cook - England


"I was out with my DEUS II using the Deep program on a field I have detected many times before.

After a good clear signal out popped this gorgeous silver personal seal. It reads Secret V Ranulf So it means “the secret seal of Ranulf “ There is a Christian cross and a Islamic symbol of a crescent moon and a star. So it could be related to the crusades. The seal is dated to the 13th century and is a very rare find. These seals were of a very high status and only a selected amount of people would be able to have such a personal seal. High Sheriffs, Earls and royalty would be able to afford to have one.

I will be trying to research who Ranulf was and if he is recorded going to the crusades. It would be amazing if we could trace who he was. The seal falls under the UK Treasure Act laws and will be recorded with the coroner and will then go through the Treasure Act.

I am loving the new DEUS II and have been exceptionally impressed with it. It performs well in all types of field conditions and so far I have had some great finds. I absolutely love the Sensitive and Deep programs.

The DEUS II is truly a force to be reckoned with and as a XP user since their beginning when I purchased an Adventis XP have shown again how they are leading the way in detecting technology.

Thank you XP for giving me many many years of exciting detecting experiences and I look forward to taking out my DEUS II and hopefully many more finds. With the Deus II I am confident my days out in the fields can only get better.

A great day with the DEUS II and thank you XP!"

Gary Cook (Cookie)


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