Introducing the new WSA headphone range

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What do these 2 headphones have in common?

The WSA range have no inbuilt menu’s They are “receiver only” headphones, which basically means, Just two functions, on off and volume control.
Charging time 3 hours with up to 17 hours run time.

As with all wireless headphones from XP, the WSA’s still retain XP’s own lightning-fast wireless protocol, it’s about 10 times faster than the lowest latency Bluetooth meaning target response is precise and accurate.

These rain resistant headphones weigh in at only 72g and are the traditional XP back phone style, and in many ways similar to the WS6, as they have a detachable puck and replaceable headband.
Thus allowing the user to adopt a wide range of options when the additional XP accessories are used, such as mounting the WS6 (master) to the stem or the wrist band as a visual aid and using the WSA headphones as dedicated receiver (slave).

The WSA II puck can be removed and the Clip jack adaptor can be attached to accommodate any wired headphones of your choice, providing they have a 3,5mm TRS plug.

Those of you who like to use full cup headphones will be fully aware of the advantages, such as searching in noisy environments, they can also be more comfortable when wearing glasses.
The WSAII XL’s weigh in at 250g and are tested to IP68, which means they can be submerged up to 1M deep, although we do not recommend you dive with the WSA II XL’s, it proves they are rugged enough to withstand all weather conditions.

Auto off feature
If the WSA headphones are turned on and the RC or WS6 have not connected with them, they will automatically turn off after 5 minutes.
If they have been connected and no button presses have been made during use, they will power down after 5 hours.

They both have the renowned XP 5 years warranty

Pairing your headphones
The Deus II RC or WS6 will only allow one pair of headphones to be connected at a time.
You will need to unpair any headphones from the system before accepting new headphones, for example unpair your WS6 from the RC if they are the slave headphones. This is an easy task and only takes seconds.
Pairing is equally as quick by simply selecting pairing from the menu and switching the new headphones on while holding the – key down for a few seconds.
Once paired you will get an on-screen confirmation, they will stay paired and turn on and off with the master (WS6 or RC)

“ finding these little nuggets of technology really makes you appreciate how advanced this Deus II is.”
The equalizer works in harmony with your preferred audio choice and I have noticed it can be especially useful when using the WSA2XL headphones

The graphic equalizer should not be overlooked if you want the best personalised sound experience for your XP Deus II

Here are my personal equalizer settings to reduce the medium audio ringing around 500Hz which is common with most large cup headphones.

  • 150hz: +6dB
  • 450hz: 0dB (or -3dB)
  • 2khz: +3dB
  • 4khz: +6dB (or +9dB)
I personally think this gives the WSAIIXL a dynamic sound

Of course, you can experiment to find your favourite setting.

Please note : These headphones are dedicated to the XP Deus II and are not compatible with the Deus 1 and the ORX.

Contact your XP dealer for availability and pricing

Gary Blackwell


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