Paddy with the WS6 Master

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“Another Sunday, and for a change the weather was on our side. Dad and myself were setting up our gear when Gary arrived.
He suggested this would be a good opportunity for me to spend a little more time with the WS6 Master set up combined with the WSAII headphones.

I put my Deus 1 back in the car and sized the chance.

We simply put the FMF coil and WS6 module onto my Deus stem and we were good to go.
When out in the field I could hear it was very different to my Ultimate program.

Gary could see I was slightly struggling with the 3 time audio of the General program, so he changed it to 2 tones 881 and 202, but added the square audio as the icing on the cake.
Bingo! That did the trick, the signals were loud and bright, many were far louder when compared to the Deus 1, perhaps that was because we set the Audio Response to 6, as this makes the Square tone audio more dynamic.

We dug some really cool coins including 3 Silvers and some interesting artefacts, one in particular was a square piece, what appeared to be showing the figure of a knight.

My Deus II WS6 master thoughts.

I absolutely loved my time with it, the stealthy lightweight mode made detecting effortless , Although the WS6 has a target ID display, I found for some reason this set up encouraged me to use my ears more to determine targets, yet with the RC I do rely on the XY quite a lot, especially for Iron identification.

You can see a video of our day by clicking the link below.

Thanks to Gary once again for giving me the opportunity to use this machine, and thanks to XP for a fantastic product.” Paddy


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