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Paul Bancroft makes amazing finds with the WS6 MASTER

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Having been using the full Deus 2 set up now for almost a year it’s fair to say I am at one with it whilst in my fields.

So when XP recently introduced the new WS6 Master set up I just had to try it out.

My set up is as follows, WS6 module mounted on the stem with the pod supplied. WSAII back phones for my audio.

This WS6 Master configuration has all the power and nearly all the features as the RC set up.

During the early 15th and early 16th centuries the English economy experienced serious shortage of English-struck halfpennies that people began to using foreign coinage to fill the gap. The coin they used was the Venetian solidino. The one shown here on my finger is a very nice example of such a coin. Found using the Nero program which I have saved alongside Program 1 the General which is the base program.

While searching a medieval field recently I decided to switch programs from Program 1 General  to program 6 Deep HC as I was on a quieter part of the field, I had not walked far when I received a signal that as you can imagine seeing the size of this artefact almost blew my ears off.

It was around 10 inches deep and well within range of any of the programs on the Deus 11. Initially I was thinking it was medieval in date and quite excited as it could be a religious find, however it transpires it is 18th century and a medal of the Diocese of Salisbury which was given out to persons for unbroken attendance during a school year. This was also found using what has become a favourite saved program the “Nero” but this time saved alongside Deep HC.

I am fortunate to have plenty of roman activity in my fields as you can see with this little group shot of coins in the hand, found using the WS6 Master set up once again with the 11” search coil.

I think XP has fitted the WS6 Master set up neatly alongside their tried and tested machines and will undoubtedly become a popular choice for those wanting to join the ranks of the XP brand.


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