Paul Moore found a rare James 2nd Half Guinea dated 1686

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Paul Moore - Cornwall

XP Deus 2

A very lucky day with my Deus II and my detecting buddy Rob.

I found my first ever gold coin, I was using my Deus II and also managed a Silver Hammered on the same day. It was the hottest day of the year in North Cornwall, I was using the General program with the XY screen and was out detecting with my detecting buddy Rob who was using a Deus 1.

After detecting for about an hour I had a nice 54 I dug it to find a nice but worn Edward 1st hammered, on to the afternoon and another field I had a 60 again I dug it to find to absolute amazement a gold coin in the hole, upon inspection it turned out to be a rare James 2nd Half Guinea dated 1686, James 2nd was only on the throne for 3 years from 1685 to 1688 so the coin is listed as 97 in rarity on the Numista scale, now I had to do my first Gold dance.

I've previously owned a Deus 1 and although I'd had a nice James 1st Sixpence hammered with that I'd never had Gold, on the next dig I did with my Deus II I managed another silver hammered an Edward 1st which was very detailed but unfortunately a little bent but a hammered non the less, after having much success with the Deus II my detecting buddy Rob now has bought one and on his very first outing with it found a Gold Ring and found silver in his second outing with it, so we're both very happy with our Deus II.

We live in Devon and Cornwall and have permissions in both counties although do tend to favour North Cornwall as that's where we've had the most luck recently and we're still actively seeking the legendary Poundstock hoard which is said to be Cornish smugglers treasure.


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