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Stuart Rainford trip with the DEUS II

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"I have been using the Deus II since January and have had many finds with it.
These are my finds from a recent trip.

My story using the new detector can be read in the Beach section of 'The Detecting Hub' website. I had already spotted an eroded patch a few days ago & had a trip out there yesterday. Also, the wind blew quite hard for most of the previous day which has made a substantial difference to the area.

At the base of the old Sea Wall, it had pulled out several inches of sand revealing the stones & iron rubbish that has accumulated there since Victorian times. Firstly, as usual I walked along the base of the wall clearing the substantial amount of iron & some of the larger stone blocks to give me a fair work area.

There were several coins plus other scrap on the surface. Several years ago I cleared & dug out further along the wall finding a lot of stuff including a gold Half Sovereign coin & several rings with the Deus.
I Set the Deus to a fast recovery & half sensitivity along with some extra bottle cap reject. The tones adjusted to my liking to enhance positive signals as there are still huge amounts of iron unseen.
The Deus II has no problem with these conditions, it excels! There were coins everywhere & I didn't try that hard. Many came up in clumps of three or four with lead bits etc.

On one hole dug I spotted a thin gold chain which was 3.7g of 14ct. Had several found like this over the years they are undetectable in these conditions. A decent size silver ring of 9gms with Fish around it was good but next to it a nickel 10p coin type signal resulted in a lovely 3.8g 10k Diamond ring with plenty of rust staining. It has a wave type design very apt. Its a foreign piece with a UK import duty mark. Coins were easily over 100 with some silver pre-1947 as well. All coins are corroded scrappers but that's ok. Somewhere there is a juicy yellow coin!”

Stuart, England UK.


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