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XP Deus 2 - Deus Mono program my thoughts

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XP Deus 2 - Deus Mono program my thoughts
The XP Deus II has a wide range of factory programs, all except 1 are using XP’s FMF Multi Frequency technology.
I would like to take the opportunity to talk briefly about the odd one out - Deus Mono.
Deus Mono is factory pre-set program number 7, it is the odd one out because it uses a selectable single frequency rather than multi-frequency.

The Deus Mono is my “get out of jail card”
We have all heard the term “single frequency is obsolete” – That is a very bold statement, probably made by a marketing team who do not detect, I talk with many professionals in the hobby who still rely on single frequency machines, personally I would agree, technology is changing but single frequency has its place.
I would feel cheated if my detector did not have a single frequency option to be called upon when needed.

Back to the XP Deus II Deus Mono program
Is it the same as using the Deus 1.

The biggest advantage is power
To operate multi frequencies more power is required to certain parts of the circuitry, as the Deus II is multi frequency at heart, we can channel all this extra power into the Deus Mono program, despite what you may think, extra power does not equate to amazing depth advantages but it’s nice to know you have a few extra horses under the bonnet.

Selectable frequency scan
The Deus mono has 7 selectable frequency bands in Khz: 4 - 7 -13 - 17 - 25 - 32 - 40.
Within each band there are 7 frequency offsets in a group, which equate to slight variations of the said band, for example 7.1Khz, 7.4Khz, 7.8Khz
The reason for the offset groups are to fine tune your main frequency bands by slightly shifting in small increments, these fine increments are not designed to enhance overall performance but to eliminate EMI, rather than the operator having to shift to another band.

Auto frequency scan
We can also use the Deus II FMF frequency scan to scan each frequency group for a clean EMI free channel to work on.
Top Tip !
If you are working on the 4Khz band it will only scan the 4Khz group of frequencies.

2 coils in 1
Many of you may have already noticed, the frequency bands cover the Deus 1 X35 and the round HF coil frequency ranges, so you have 2 coils in 1 with the Deus II.

Manual ground balance
Another advantage when using Deus Mono is you now have the ability to manually change the ground balance settings using the plus and minus buttons, pumping (ground grab) is still available.

Using Deus Mono in the field - Advantages
I find the Deus Mono program to be an ideal choice when searching area’s with high EMI such as gardens, yards, commercial areas, token hunts, etc. Selecting a single frequency can make the difference between detecting or not detecting as I found out recently when I was asked to find a lost ring in a garden with underground power cables.

Searching amongst high levels of Iron
Sometimes single frequency can be your “get out of jail card” don’t be afraid to use it, after all it is a tool, so don’t fall into the mind set of it being old technology.
Top Tip !
FMF and single frequency are just tools to work with.

I have found hunting ancient sites littered with small iron can be a difficult task, I have tried all the multi frequency machines in the past and they can all be unsettled from time to time, this is where you will find Deus Mono your best friend.

All frequencies find all targets.
As a rule this is true, but the reality is the soil and conditions dictate overall depth and performance on the day, so making the right choices will be the difference between success and failure.

Let’s sum things up
Yes most of the time Fast Multi Frequency will offer better depth over single frequencies, as it is hitting different target sizes using different frequencies.
Multi Frequency is great at soil subtraction, it will eliminate troublesome magnetic ground, conductive wet ground, wet sand, and sea water with ease.

Target ID at depth will be more consistent, plus many other advantages I have forgotten about.

If FMF is so good why choose single frequency?
Single frequency is indeed your “get out of jail card” waiting in the wings to help you out when you are out of options.


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