7 years of detecting: my first gold coin

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Matt ruston - Staffordshire uk

Deus 1

It's taken all most 7 years of detecting with my Deus 1 to find my first gold coin and what a coin a William 4th full sovereign I was searching fields close to some Villages and thought this looks like a good location.

I started detecting the freshly cut grass field in an area that looked like an old foot path was going down the side of it, the path looked like a natural walk way so I started detecting and picked up one or two Victorian pennies so at this point I was convinced it was indeed an old foot path

When I got to the top of the field were there were 4 other club members detecting so I waited until they moved on.
I looked around and thought this would be a lovely spot to sit and look at the view, I found another penny then I got a solid signal, I started digging down and lifted the soil.

I could not believe what I was looking at a gold coin I slowly took it out and I just could not stop looking at it what a moment!

I couldn't wait to get back home so I could have a proper look at it and give it a clean under the tap, it was my dad that got me into detecting and he told he you will be hooked …. and he was right I've been lucky finding some really cracking finds over the years Roman coins and artifacts, Medieval coins and artifacts, Saxon coins and artifacts and not to forget bronze.
I shared some very happy memories detecting with my dad who unfortunately is no longer with us but I know he was with me when I found my gold coin so this is for you dad.


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