Dream Day On The Fields Of Norfolk

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Jason Jones Norfolk Button Boy - Norfolk Uk


Dream Day On The Fields Of Norfolk

After getting a new field to try from my landowner, I was eager to see what would be unearthed, I was hoping no Green waste had been spread on the field in previous years.

The land was full of history and looking very promising I was eager to just get out there. My XP Deus was on fire, preloaded with the Deus Hot setting (program 9) The Deus didn’t disappoint, straight away pieces of buckle, shotgun ends, lead suddenly and at last, a punchy signal echoed in my Ws4 headphones….. A great tone!

To my surprise a silver hammered coin appeared at around 5”-6” deep, followed shortly by my first every King Edward English JETTON.

I decided to move into a new part of the field. the finds just kept coming, another silver hammered coin popped up King Edward, then to finish the day off a Banging signal….wow what a stunning find it was, around 4-5” inches deep in the clod, I was shocked to see a stunning King John 5a2, Lohan at Canterbury. Minted c. 1204-1205 as in the attached photo.

With my finds box full of history I reflected on how this would be a dream day for any Detectorist.


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