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Jason Norfolk Button Boy - Norfolk Uk

XP Deus II

Woke up to a warm sunny day much needed after recent cold wet conditions! I’ve been waiting to get on this field for a while, so when i got that call we all love to get to say you can detect the land i was chuffed to bits. The farmer explained I only have the field until the crops start to take! So i rushed out of the door with my XP Deus II in hand. The XP DEUS II performed very well on a very busy trashing site in Norfolk. The land had been drilled and seeded so very easy digging. The machine worked a treat on the aireated soil conditions. Recovered some stunning historic finds including King Henry II Tealby Cut Half Penny, Edward I class 1c London mint, King Henry III Yep. Class 5c2, HENRI, London mint, stunning Silver Pennanula brooch missing pin, Gold locket front / back.
The site had plenty of trash and big pieces of iron but you have to dig the trash to get the finds between the signals as any of them items could have been a hammered coin or an artifact of interest.

Settings used in this session Program 1 - adjusted to land conditions I raised the reactivity so I could get between the iron and trash. Sensitivity i set quite high on 96 to amplify the signals. I’ve had some amazing sessions with the new XP DEUS II recovered some amazing historic finds since I received the machine.

I’m very lucky with the land I have to detect on in Norfolk land, as it is very hard to get permission on. Keep an eye out for my next sessions…


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