Lewis Barker using the XP DEUS

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Lewis Barker - England


Since my friend introduced me to the Deus, being a newbie to the hobby, I loved the simplicity of the machine but also the useful and powerful features it has, not to mention the wireless communication between the coil, the headphones and the weight of the machine.
I can swing it all day! I am very fond of the XP Deus and have recently introduced my father to it.
He had another make of machine before but once he started using the Deus, his decent finds tally has shot up considerably.
Between us we have found some lovely items, silver, lead, no gold to date!

I had been considering the idea of getting another make of machine, but I just can’t seem to let the Deus go, I am in love with this machine! I wouldn’t even contemplate selling it now.
I am really looking forward to what you as a company have in store for the future, especially with the video on the email you sent to me.

I have been on a few rallies and when talking to other people, they cannot give enough praise for the Deus. I was lucky enough to meet Gary Blackwell who has shown me tips and tricks on how to get the best out of the machine, the most recent being the Rodney Cook rally.


All in all, I am very impressed with what XP have produced in the Deus and I look forward to new future releases from XP, whatever they may be.


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