Martin found 90 coins with his XP DEUS!

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Martin - The Netherlands


"We (Gerben & Martin) recently found a Merovingian treasure, all started with one single coin back in 2019.
But after 3 years digging with RCE and PAN. We have a real treasure and a new merovingian place in the Netherlands,
There are a lot of gold and silver coins and a lot of tiny silver fragments, but we do not yet know where it's from,
We both have the XP DEUS, and during the excavation we had some help from 2 friends, Linda and Robbert.

We have found over 90 coins (so far) exact number I don't know yet becouse the official report is not yet ready.

The treasure (most of it) is know shown in a local museum (Rijksmuseum Twenthe)
But later this year it wil go to a different museum RMO in Leiden.

The experience of finding a treasure is really special, at first we did not expect anything of that area, and after a slow day and finding nothing we wanted to quit, we were heading to our car and I got a signal... I said to Gerben: here comes a bronze axe.

Not knowing what would happen, after pinpointing I saw a small coin and I knew right away it was a special one, merovingian tremissis of Dorestad.
We were both very surprised becouse the rest of that day was poor.

We did not find anything else that day, my buddy went back some days later, after a while he texted me that he also found one, after some hesitation I jumped in my car and went to the location. When I arrived he had several merovingian coins in his hand! And I forgot my detector....

We went back several times and found almost 30 items of gold coins, and jewelry,
That was the beginning of our treasure.

Martin & Gerben"


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