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Why does DEUS have an S-shaped telescopic stem and not a straight telescopic stem? What are the advantages in terms of ergonomics?

Invented in 1980 by Derek Ingram, the father of Nigel Ingram our distributor in the United Kingdom (Regton Ltd UK), the S-shaped stem has replaced straight stems and other earlier ‘exotic’ stems.
All that needed to be done was to make it telescopic, 30 years later…

The advantages of a telescopic stem (ease of storage, fast and simple deployment) are obvious. Until now, only straight stems were available in telescopic form. But we can now offer you the very first S-shaped telescopic stem.

The advantage of an S-shaped stem is that its shape naturally keeps the coil on the end of the stem away from the user’s feet. This natural forward offset of the stem spares the user additional effort: when using a straight stem with an integral handle the user has to continually lift the stem slightly when sweeping the ground in order to keep the coil away from his/her feet.

If you consider how long detecting trips typically last and how many times you sweep the detector, these few centimetres make an enormous difference from an ergonomics perspective!

The handle and the rubber that covers this S-shaped telescopic stem have been carefully shaped to offer a firmer grip than the traditional foam handle. The angle of the handle corresponds to the hand’s natural position, whereas the length of the stem can be adjusted by millimetre increments and the armrest has three different positions.

How long is the S-shaped Telescopic stem, both folded and deployed? Will it fit into my rucksack? Can it be shortened?

Yes It can therefore fit into your rucksack without any problem!
Without the coil, the stem measures only 58 cm folded and 132 cm fully deployed.
When fitted with the coil, the stem measures 67 cm folded and 144 cm fully deployed.
On the earlier XP models, the lower stem alone fitted with a 22.5 cm coil measured 63 cm when folded. So DEUS’s size compares favourably, and you only have one element to put away, instead of 2 or 3!
As always you can also dismantle the lower stem to reduce the length by a further 5 cm (so 62 cm only), this comes off in just 2 seconds… because there is no cable to remove!

And yes, you can shorten the stem. It has been designed for users as tall as 1.95 / 2 metres. If you are 1.70 metres tall, for instance, you might prefer to trim it a little. To do this you have to cut the lower stem using a metal saw. This is very simple since there are no adjustment holes or V-clips.

Obviously you should give this serious consideration, as once it has been cut there is no way to lengthen the stem subsequently!

All the spare parts for this stem are available from our retailers: silicone pads, locking systems, pins, handles, etc. Take a look at the picture at the back of our user manual to ensure that you order the correct parts if you do decide to make any adjustments.

Can the new XP S-shaped Telescopic stem be fitted to other detectors than DEUS?

Yes, this new stem is compatible with all other XP detectors.
A few modifications are needed before you can use it with other brands of metal detector. For instance, one of the holes in the coil brackets will need to be widened to 10 mm to enable it to accept the XP locking system. We suggest you discuss each particular case with your reseller. In any case, XP stems will not be available as accessories for another few months.