18''x15'' Wired GM XP Coil

XP 18''x15'' Wired GM Coil

18''x15'' Wired Gold Maxx Edition High Energy XP Coil for GOLD MAXX POWER - Reference XP3845GO.

This robust, waterproof search coil is supplied with its own coil cover. It is equipped with a connector developed by XP which allows to connect it to the wired range of XP metal detectors. 


Other accessories

XP coil cover
XP Coil covers

Protect your investment! Protect your coils!

Screwing Kit
Coil fitting kit

This reinforced plastic screw kit connects the search coil to the lower stem. It is necessary to regularly change the “Top Hat “spacer in order to avoid damaging the coil fastening lugs.

Security charger
Charging clamp

The new revised coil charging clip constructed from an advanced durable Polymer and upgraded charging pins.

Car charger
Car charger

Charge your XP wireless devices from your car.

Waterproof XP Kit
XP Waterproof Kit

Dive and detect up to 5 meters deep.

XP Backpack 280

The unique backpack specially designed for metal detectors.

Pelicase XP case
Pelicase XP Case

Pelicase is the legend of the all-terrain suitcase, tested for decades in every corner of the globe.

XP Transport Case
XP Transport Case

The perfect accessory for storing and transporting your XP detector.