XP Wristband

XP Wristband

Operate your WS4 headphone module from your wrist!



XP Wristband

Unclip the headset control of the WS4 backphone, insert it into the wristband, and so connect your own wired headphone, display the target ID on your wrist, access all settings…

  • The WS4 alone can control DEUS
  • Display the target ID on your wrist
  • Connect your own headphone
  • Ultra-light portable configuration: only weighs 875 g
  • Adjustable wristband, even over a coat
  • Rainproof

Allows you to use all these features:
Discrimination - Sensitivity – 4 frequencies – Ground Balance – From 2 to 5 tones – Pitch , Full Tones – 10 factory programs – 8 empty slots for you to save – Indicates the target’s ID – Volume – Choice of coil – Battery condition displayed

Other accessories

Clip Jack WS4/WSA adapter
Clip Jack WS4/WSA adapter

Connect wired headphones to your WS4 or WSAUDIO headset!

XP WS4 Headset
WS4 headset

Wireless backphones are fully shower proof, foldable, compact and extremely lightweight.

S TELESCOPIC stem holder
Stem holder for WS4 headset

Turn your WS4 headset into a remote control!

Car charger
Car charger

Charge your XP wireless devices from your car.

Waterproof XP Kit
XP Waterproof Kit

Dive and detect up to 5 meters deep.